Cylinders and Pistons

Cylinders are bored to the smallest oversize where they will "clean up", and pistons are then made to size (this way also "odd" sizes can be accommodated). Only Mahle piston blanks and rings are used. For less vibration, the pins are offset.

These pistons often last for 50.000 Km (if everything else holds up, of course).

Cylinders that are on their final oversize are fitted with sleeves. These are finished in-house from high quality German made blanks. Sleeve wall thickness are 3 mm to ensure a stable sleeve, particularly during the pressing-in process. New pistons are undersize, giving you room to have the sleeved cylinders honed for oversize pistons 2-3 times if you should need to in the future.

Blind cylinders can also be bored, honed and sleeved. Feel free to ask for details.