For transmission/gearbox rebuilds extra care is taken to ensure the quality of the new gears being fitted. These gears have survived years of hard use in my sidecar rig and have lasted 45.000 Km so far, with another 5-10.000 Km in them still. Please note that this kind of mileage is only possible using a - What??? I have no idea what you are talking about with the "Gangsperre"; please explain.

Surface hardness of all gears is confirmed before installation. Countershaft/cluster gear and its bushings are modified for better lubrication before fitting. This gear is only changed as a pair with its shaft.

Transmission/gearbox cases are blasted in preparation for crack detection. If any cracks are found around the bearings, the case must be replaced. Smaller and less critical damage can be welded, but cracks at the bearings can not be safely repaired.

Upgraded King or Greer clutches are most often fitted. Original Raybestos plates are an option.